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Energetic leader and integrative learner with progressive vision, determination and warm community building skills. Highly creative, encouraging and effective, adaptive to change and skilled in bringing organization to chaos. Knows conversational French, engaged with global cultures and committed to at risk youth and refugees. Skilled in written communication, math and the arts. Reliable for quality work delivered on time and learns new programs quickly. Prolific artist with humanitarian focus.

PORTFOLIO:   www.abigailyvonne.com


B.A. in Communications with International Emphasis  

May, 2016, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY

GPA: 3.98

Academic Honors: Summa Cum Laude

                                  2016 Department Academic Excellence Award 

                                  Governor’s Scholars Scholarship

Relevant Courses: Paris Internship, Intercultural Communications, Narrative/Ideologies, Art Directed Study, Senior Seminar


  • Learns Computer Programs Quickly & Competently:

Infinite Campus​

Magento (eCommerce Platform)

Studio Enterprise

Website Design​

Photoline, Computer Applications, Google Drive, Word, Excel etc.

  • Reliable Quality Work Delivered on Time

  • Strategic & Fast Organization Skills

  • Strong Visual Design Skills 

  • Integrative Thinker & Writer, Creative Leader & Tutor


Neighbors: Perspective in Crisis

Acrylic on wood, 4' x 4' 2", 2016

Narrative Painting in response to Paris 

terrorist attacks & refugee crisis

Resides at Asbury University

Refugee Support Europe

Arabic wall patterns & two-sided mural

Painting, 3.28' x 9.48', 2017

Collaborative effort in two refugee camps

Filippiada & Kyllini, Greece

Portraits, Illustrations, & Digital Design

Rohingyan Picture Dictionary Project, 2018

Wedding & Funeral Portraits

Digital Mural Submission, 2019

Website Design


Juvenile Detention Center Temporary Aide & Long Term Sub                                                                                                                   April 2019-present

Zebulon Pike Youth Services, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Proactively fill multiple roles in a stressful and ill-resourced environment geared towards educating incarcerated male youth.

  • Quickly learn new programs and responsibilities when a position becomes suddenly vacant due to high turnover rate. Positions filled to date include Program Assistant/Registrar, English Teacher, and Librarian. Also aide in Math, Music, and Art.

  • Regularly teach and redirect dysregulated and sometimes aggressive youth in an environment where security is the greatest concern.

Math, ESL, and Piano Tutor/Teacher                                                                                                                                                 August 2009-2015; present
Self-Employed, Lexington, KY; Colorado Springs, Colorado​                          ​​​                                         

  • Creatively tutor youth in a wide variety of subjects (mainly math), children in piano, and resettled refugees in English.

  • Proactively communicate with parent and child or refugee to collaboratively facilitate the best possible learning outcome.

  • Exercise good intuition, listening skills, imagination, and encouragement to best foster care, growth, and confidence. Research and proactively implement cultural and/or learning style sensitivities.

Call Center Specialist                                                                                                                         October 2016-March 2017; November 2017-March 2019

Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Actively learned and coordinated complex computer applications to help maintain appropriate data and communication efficiently.

  • Maintained a strict schedule amidst providing efficient customer service or sensitive discernment for highly emotional calls.

  • Researched and problem solved system issues through a holistic, detailed focus and collaboration.

Refugee Support Volunteer                                                                                                                                                                                     April-June 2017
Refugee Support Europe, Filippiada and Kyllini, Greece

  • Helped maintain and innovate delicate food and clothes distribution systems in two refugee camps in a dignified way. Partnered with local Greek farmers to bring fresh produce to a “market” as well as create “clothes shops” on sites.

  • Implemented Refugee Support’s “Code of Conduct” to best provide consistency and fairness to all in a highly sensitive environment.

  • Designed and lead the collaborative completion of culturally sensitive wall patterns and an elaborate poster painting that had practical application and brought life to both camps. See Relevant Projects.

Art Resource Room Assistant​​​​​​​​                                                                                                                                                                              August 2013-2015
Asbury University Art Department, Wilmore, KY​​​​​​​           

  • Transformed design and resource capacities of room in order to provide updated student-centered resources, including the introduction of a computer and continued development of a digital database system. 

  • Proactively envisioned to best brand the resource room and consistently organized and digitized art resources.to effectively equip students.

  • Warmly assisted students and provided effective tours of the room to help grow awareness and connect students with resources.

International Communications Internship ​​​​​​​                                                                                                                                            August-December 2015
Le Pavé D’Orsay, Paris, France                                                                                                                             

  • Proactively maintained needs of intercultural events in a small creative space, including art exhibitions, music concerts, or theater readings.

  • Creatively integrated conversational French, intercultural interpersonal and customer service skills, and a high level of adaptability.              

Creative or Teaching Jobs 2012-present

Le Pave D'Orsay Internship in Paris 

Art Resource Room Assistant 

Middle & High School Tutor 

Pandapix Digitizer & Color Artist 

Piano & String Bass Tutor 

Chorale Asst. Manager 


Volunteer Work 2016-present

3 months in AmeriCorps in NC 

3 months Refugee Support Europe in Greece 

ESL with Resettled Refugees in CO 


Food Industry 2012-2016

The Glitz Waittress 

Asbury University Cafeteria 


Manual Labor 2014-2018

Britton Nursery Worker 

D&F Farms Farm Labor 

Hot Air Balloon Crew 

Desk Work 2016-19

Rocky Top Log Furniture & Railing Receptionist 

Call Center Specialist 


Dr. Rebecca Taylor             rtaylor@bhcgroup.org

Dr. Linda Stratford              lstratford@asbury.edu

Jeffrey Comfort                   719-374-2585

Jennifer Woodruff              719-210-5115

Reagen Reed                      719-265-6350

Emily Thompson                Emthompson78@hotmail.co.uk