Calling all artists! Project "Voice to the Voiceless" will be a collaborative project that focuses on unborn babies and the complexity of this issue in our society. 


The goal is not to marginalize or squelch any voices, the goal is to create a complex montage of real stories of all people impacted by the complicated cycle of pregnancy and bringing life into the world.


This includes children and mothers lost unexpectedly, survivors of abortion, mothers who have had an abortion, and so forth.

The goal is not to politicize this issue, but to bring together the complexity of this issue with grace. We will be uncomfortable in this project, but perhaps seeing that person, whether a survivor of an abortion, a mother who has had a child aborted, a father figure who has had little say in what happens, or a parent who has lost a spouse or child in childbirth, this project will bring a more graceful understanding.