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I sell pieces on commission as well as have many pieces displayed for sale.

My name is Abigail Briggs, and I am a young artist striving to offer an earnest voice amidst the beauty and chaos of this world. I want to paint and create with grace and intentionality, engaging and conveying stories from a posture that is humble yet motivated.


We live in an ever-buzzing, globalized world. Such seems to rage against our consciences, strangling us from all sides, beckoning our eyes. The morning news, the quiet of the trees, the buzz of FaceBook, the walk downtown. Great joy ‘round a fire, the thrill of determination, the suffering of a loss, or the inequality that seems to gnash at every good thing. But what is worthy of our attention? What do we behold, process, learn from, integrate? Are all such voices equal? I do not know. For all people, whether artists, historians, scientists, or the common man, seem under some burden to reframe, distill, and behold what seems worthy of attention. Yet, we are finite, distorted vessels; let us not be fooled by our own enlightenment. Perhaps together yet, there is still some sense.


Hence, how shall we respect, see, hear, relate? How shall we go forth boldly, yet collaborate and listen? From where does our hope come from, and why does that matter? These are the questions that underlie much of my artwork. It is one way to give a voice to that tension, and one way to offer hope. For the world often seems a mad mess, full of confusion, consumerism, suffering, ignorance—no thought to feel or think but that which consumes the moment. Instinctual beasts given to our times. But I have hope in something greater. I have hope there is great love amidst this madness. That wherever our eyes are drawn, a truth, faith, hope, and love lie even deeper, drawing us ever softly, ever boldly, each and every one of us.


Abigail Briggs is a young artist who loves to learn, live, and create. She grew up in a loving, lively home in Lexington, Kentucky, the fourth of six kids, and went on to receive her Bachelor’s of Arts in Intercultural Communications from Asbury University in May 2016. She now resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and will go back to school to get her Master's. 

"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of faith is to see what you believe." ~St. Augustine