weaving narratives under the lens of moment.


My passion for visual art and bringing life to broken places is something I never expected, but for what it is worth, is now a must.

I began painting December 2015, after living in Paris during the Paris attacks. Thus, "Neighbors: Perspective in Crisis" was born among my first real attempts at painting.

Then in 2017, in response to Islamophobia and grappling with how to respond to the fear of terrorism, I volunteered in two refugee camps in Greece through "Refugee Support Europe."

I have spent the last few years in Colorado painting stories of resilience, building an art studio and dreaming of complex or collaborative projects that I am determined to try. It is an immense struggle, but I firmly believe in long-term effort and engaging community. 

That is why I would consider it a great honor to collaborate with you in whatever capacity you desire. Please see below to contact me directly, share your story, subscribe to my email, or receive the resource of the day.


People are my passion: I will forever paint the stories of resilience that touch us all. Thank you for taking interest in how artwork can change the world! 

Have a lovely day,

Abigail Briggs